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cup mask machine factory

2021-08-03 16:38:15

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Face Mask Making Machin

cup mask machine factorycup mask machine factorycup mask machine factorycup mask machine factory,Each week seems to bring another alarming development on the Covid-19 Delta variant. Just last week, we learned of an outbreak among hundreds of vaccinated people in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Of particular concern is the evidence of high amounts of virus in respiratory samples of vaccinated individuals suggesting that they can in fact be contagious.In response to the new information, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has adjusted guidelines to again recommend masks for certain situations. Though the real message of the latest outbreak is how well the vaccines work at preventing death, reintroducing masks is the right decision, since it will help decrease transmission at a time of rising Delta-related cases nationally.On cue, the CDC's latest update is being met with the usual tomato-throwing response from the anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-science, anti-logic members of the blab-o-sphere who have declared the CDC hopelessly lost, unscientific and waffling.But after 18 months of this pandemic, who can call the CDC action and the public reaction a surprise? Governmental entities that make decisions, such as the CDC, are always easy targets for anti-government and anti-whatever enthusiasts.Even the immediate OMG shrieks from usually level-headed reporters and newspapers -- the Delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox! (a previously known fact) and a correct if click-bait-y emphasis on the high percent of cases that had been vaccinated -- also are predictable. The virus is scary. It is not contained. Half the country is not fully vaccinated. All of this deserves headlines, which, by their nature, err on the side of provocation.What is odd about the focus on the Provincetown outbreak is that it is not the important Delta variant story this week. It is only a minor addition to the Covid-19 story.Here's the real news: there is growing evidence that -- for whatever reason (higher viral loads, something different about how the virus is handled by less mature immune systems, or something else), children infected by the Delta variant may develop a more severe form of the disease compared to illness caused by other forms of the virus.In a recent NPR interview, Dr. Rick Barr, who leads the Arkansas Children's Hospital, said that the "Delta variant is acting very, very differently with respect to kids ... just in the month of July, we have [admitted] over 40 to the children's hospital. .. and a number of those have ended up in the intensive care unit."