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Automatic Medical Face Mask Making Machine

  • Model:KS-C20A Series
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Capacity:150~180pcs/min
  • Voltage:220V 50/60Hz
  • Price List:Download

1. This machine supports pre-printed non-woven fabrics with patterns that need to be cut at fixed points, and produces various masks with personalized patterns. Using this machine, you can easily provide customers with personalized customized services.

2. This machine can produce both adult masks and children masks at the same time, without changing any accessories, just simply set the length of the mask in the program. (Adult: 175*95mm, Kids: 145*95mm)

3. This machine comes with outer earloop folding function, and can be equipped with a visual inspection system and a face mask packaging machine. There are 2 types of mask packaging machines to choose from: 1 piece and 5-10 pieces.


4. This machine is the latest face mask machine of our company. It is driven by high-speed servo motors, and the cloth rack is equipped with an automatic cloth correction system, which greatly improves the running speed and stability of the machine, and also greatly reduces the difficulty of operation, even without any experience, users can also get started quickly.

Servo Motors DrivenFabric Correction SystemAdult and Kids Mask

KS-C20A-1 + Visual Inspection System + Automatic Packaging Machine


There are many models of this series of mask machines to choose from, the details are as follows:

Pictureface mask machineface mask machine
Advanced ModelEconomic Model
Pre-printed Fabric××
Fixed-point cutting function of non-woven fabric with pre-printed pattern
Adult & Kids Typeonly choose one sizeOne key switchonly choose one size
Hardware QualityGoodGoodNormalNormal
Visual InspectionOptionOption××
Packaging MachineOptionOption××
Earloop FoldingAll models have outer earloop folding function
Fabric correctionAll models are equipped with fabric correction system

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