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Automatic KF94 Fish-Shape Mask Making Machine

  • Model:KS-C20F
  • Brand:KINGSING
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  • Voltage:
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This equipment is a one-to-one automatic fish-shaped mask machine, which can produce fish-shaped mask products suitable for South Korea's KF94 mask and Japan's DS2 mask. The mask size can be customized and the appearance can be customized; the whole machine from filming to ear-loop welding. All have achieved a high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, small size, which is conducive to site planning; this machine is mature, stable and reliable, and the failure rate is extremely low. The products have been exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and other countries, and got good reputation from the customers.


Product Features: 

The whole machine is composed of the material rack part, the upper nose line part, the shape welding part, the folding forming, the shape cutter part, the turning part, the material dividing part, the ear strap part, and the collecting part. 

5.1. Material frame part: air expansion shaft, magnetic powder brake and controller to ensure that the material tension is not wrinkle. 

5.2. Upper nose line part: the cylinder is welded with ultrasonic wave to fix the nose line with required length to the material. 

5.3. Shape welding part: the mold is matched with ultrasonic wave, and the initial texture welding. 

5.4. Folding: folding fabric

5.5. Shape cutter part: custom-made cutter, roll-cut forming, at this time the mask is initially formed 

5.6. Flip part: turn the mask over to prepare for ear straps 

5.7. Partitioning: Reasonable distribution, increased production capacity 

5.8. Ear strap part: a special rotating disk for the mask machine industry, which is used to spot weld the ear strap line on the semi-finished mask with ultrasonic, and the mask is formed at this time 

5.9. Collection part: take out the belt, product collection


Production Raw material Suggestion:

From outer to inner layer(Width 240mm/260mm)
First LayerClass: SS 50g non-wovenOuter layer
Second layerClass:99 25g Meltblown
Third layerClass:99 25g Meltblown
Fourth layerClass:SS 25g MeltblownInner layer

Factory Overview:

Factory ExteriorFront Desk
Manufacturing EquipmentManufacturing Equipment
Customer With UsCustomer With Us

Company Certificate:

CE CertificateISO9001 CertificateTrademark Certificate



Demo Video:

Air Source: 0.6~0.8Mpa (200L/min)

Power Rating: 8KW

Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz (380V is for option)