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UV Sterilizer Tunnel

  • Model:KS-C10U
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Capacity:
  • Voltage:
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The machine can be used to test air and objects.

Application: Mask, Food, tea food and beverage processing and packaging, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy factories, breweries, beverage factories, bakeries and cold rooms.

The ultraviolet irradiation can test the mask, which may kill the microorganisms (such as E. coli and mold) or reduce the total number significantly.

The key to using these two physical methods to test mask is to choose the right conditions to minimize the damage to the original ingredients of the mask to achieve the purpose of the experiment.

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Capacity: About 100pcs/min

Motor Power: 40W

Mesh Belt Material: Teflon

Mesh Belt Speed: 0~10m/min(Speed can be adjusted)

Lamp Power: 20W×16

Lamp Length: 589.8mm

Lamp Output at One Meter: 75uw/cm²

UV Wavelength: 253.7nm

Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz/60Hz

Dimension(L×W×H): 2000×750×1180mm

Net. Weight: 105Kg

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.