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Automatic FFP3 Cup Mask Making Machine

  • Model:KS-C95P+V4
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Capacity:8~12pcs/min
  • Voltage:380V 50Hz (Customizable)
  • Price List:Download

This is the newly developed fully automatic FFP2/FFP3 cup mask production line, which welds meltblown fabric and non-woven fabric separately, and then combines them with thermoformed cups such as needle-punched cotton to seal the edges. In this way, the melt blown cloth can be prevented from being punched and heated, and the performance of the melt blown cloth may be maintained to the utmost extent.


All in one automatic production line from raw material feeding, cup shaping, filter layer preforming, edge sealing and cutting, automatic transfer, automatic pad printing, automatic nose foam attaching, automatic external nose clip, automatic staple headband, automatic ultrasonic welding breath valve(optional), automatic pick up the finished mask by the robot.


Factory Overview:

Factory ExteriorFront Desk
Manufacturing EquipmentManufacturing Equipment
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Company Certificate:

CE CertificateISO9001 CertificateTrademark Certificate



Demo Video:

Download: (1)

Mask Type: FFP2/FFP3 Cup Mask

Mask Size: 140mm×120mm×50mm (Customizable)

Capacity: 8~10pcs/min

Layers: 3~6 layers

Head-band Fixing Method: Staple or Welding

Welding Pattern: Customized by sample

Operation Screen: 10' color touch screen

Air Pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa

Power Rating: 22KW

Voltage: 380V/50Hz (Can be customized)

Installation Area: 14000mm×3300mm×1650mm (L×W×H)

Optional Devices:

  1. Pad printer

  2. Nose foam attaching module

  3. Breathing valve function